Discover Rosen Method: Upcoming Workshops

Rosen Method Bodywork is about opening the heart and freeing the soul.

“This work is about transformation – from the person we think we are to the person we really are.” Marion Rosen (Founder)

ROSENMETHOD_LOGO_2Rosen Method Bodywork is unique in its use of sensitive, non-manipulative touch and words to encourage physical and emotional awareness. In moments of deep relaxation, long-held feelings and memories may surface and be spoken. We can become aware of choices we made early in life around which we have shaped our lives. With this awareness, we may discover new possibilities for regaining freedom of movement and more authentic self-expression.

Rosen Method is an effective complement to psychotherapy, medical treatment, and alternative treatment modalities. It is simple and direct. Rosen Method can be a powerful tool for reestablishing our mind, body and spirit connections.


Workshops provide an opportunity for self-discovery, by giving participants opportunity to explore this work through demonstrations, movement, hands-on experience, discussion and personal sharing. The support of the group enriches and deepens the process.

Mariette Berinstein, Director of Rosen Method Cascadia Centre is a Certified Bodywork Senior Teacher and Practitioner.  She has trained and worked with a number of teachers, including Marion Rosen (founder) and Elaine Mayland, author of “Rosen Method: An Approach to Wholeness and Wellbeing Through the Body”.  Mariette discovered Rosen Method in 1989 while on her own healing journey.   In honouring the sacredness of this work, she creates an allowing, safe place for the individual to connect with their authentic, whole Self. As an artist, Mariette brings creativity and passion to her teaching and her practice.

For more on upcoming Rosen Method workshops and intensives go to Rosen Method Canada


Rosen Method Movement and Bodywork Intensives – October, 2012

October 3 – 7, 2012
Rosen Method Movement Intensive

Teacher : Karen Peters
1249 Roberts Creek Rd. ~ Cascadia Centre, Roberts Creek BC
Tuition Cost: $650.00 ( payable to “Rosen Method Cascadia Centre” by September 17)
Lodging and Meals: $400.00 (includes $125 non-refundable deposit & HST, payable to “Cascadia Retreats” by Sept. 17)
Information/Register: 1-877-885-0179

October 20 – 27, 2012 (Saturday-Saturday)
Rosen Method Bodywork Intensive

Registered Training Program & Personal Self-discovery Workshop

Senior Teachers : Bill Samsel and Mariette Berinstein
1249 Roberts Creek Rd. ~ Cascadia Centre, Roberts Creek BC
Cost: $960.00 ( payable to “Rosen Method Cascadia Centre” by Cheque or Visa/MasterCard. Pay by September 27, 2012)
Lodging for 8 Nights with all Meals: $598.40 Cnd
(includes non-refundable deposit $250 and HST, payable to “Cascadia Retreats” by Sept. 27)
Information/Register: 604-885-0179
Toll Free: 1-877-885-0179


Essential Motion

Learn to move wholeheartedly toward your vision, goals, and dreams

May 11 – 13th, 2011
Join us for a somatic movement workshop: Karen Roeper’s Essential Motion
In her original and inspiring work, Karen reconnects us with the body as our source of aliveness, creativity, and wisdom. Watching us move, Karen’s compassionate eyes observe where our bodies are stuck and where they are free. By guiding our bodies to a place of internal listening, she helps us discover and remember how we long to move.

Karen Roeper is the founder of Essential Motion. Karen’s lifelong focus has been to explore the relationships between body and emotions, the mind, and Spirit. She has conducted seminars both nationally and internationally for over twenty years. Karen holds a Masters in Counseling and Dance Therapy is a Rosen Method Bodywork Senior Teacher and is an adjunct faculty member at JFK University. She has maintained a private practice in bodywork and movement for twenty-five years. Karen is currently conducting Essential Motion Leadership Trainings in the United States, Sweden and Finland. Karen believes in curiosity, kindness and the transformative ability of each person.

Karen Roeper

“There is a power that comes from contacting the self on a visceral level—a power that leads to an opening of the heart and a return to who we truly are. I facilitate this transformation through movement—the forgotten language of the soul.” — Karen Roeper

Dates: Wed. May 11 & Thurs. May12, 9:30am 4:30PM Fri. May 13, 9:30am – 12:30 pm
Location: Cascadia Centre, Roberts Creek, BC
Fee: $285 (lunch included on Wed. and Thurs. HST $50 non-refundable deposit)
Accommodation: $100.80 (includes 3 nights lodging, breakfast, HST)
Contacts: Mariette Berinstein 604-885-0179
Toll Free 1-877-885-0179 Email:


Recipes from Jonnita

Jonnita Janot is our chef extraordinaire at Cascadia, and here are a few of her secret recipes. All her food is made fresh, from the freshest and most local ingredients she can find. Herbs and veggies from her own garden enhance the fresh local fish and wholesome organic grains. Here are some of the recipes she likes to use.


No Knead Artisan Bread

(from Bonnie Stern)

3 cups bread flour (or 1 part multigrain bread flour)
1 tsp-1 ½ tsp salt
¼ tsp dry yeast
1 ½ cup water, plus 1-2 Tbsp. warm
Extra flour, wheat bran, sesame seeds, cornmeal etc.

How To:
Proof yeast in water.
Mix together flour and salt.
Add yeast mixture to flour, mix with spoon. This will be wet.
Cover and let rise for 12-18 hours. Dough should double and have bubbles on surface.
Prepare parchment paper with generous sprinkling of flour
Invert dough onto parchment and form dough into shape
Try to handle the dough as little as possible.
Cover and let rise 2 hours.
Meantime: Heat over to 450F.
About 45 minutes before baking, place cast iron casserole pot with lid in oven.
Transfer dough with the parchment directly into pot, cover and bake for 30 minutes.
Uncover and bake for 20 minutes,
Cool on rack

Rosemary Cake

(from Canadian House and Home)

1/12 cups flour
1 Tbsp. baking powder
½ tsp salt
4 eggs
¾ cup sugar
2/3 cup olive oil
2 Tbsp. chopped fresh rosemary
How To:
Preheat oven to 325F.
Whisk together flour, baking powder and salt.
Beat eggs until foamy. Add sugar
Whip at high speed until pale yellow, has tripled in volume and falls from whisk in a thick ribbon,
Reduce speed to low and pour in oil and rosemary.
Add flour by hand, mixing until just combined.
Pour into loaf pan and bake 45 minutes or until skewer comes out clean.
Cool for 5 minutes and invert onto rack.
Serve with sweet fruit compote and whipped cream!


Welcome to Cascadia House

Creating A Home Away From Home: for groups, friends, rejuvenation and inspiration! 

Bring your workshops to beautiful Roberts Creek!

Enjoy a fully furnished, well-appointed, three-floor home of 4,300 sq.ft on 3/4 of an acre.

It’s within 10 minutes of either the old growth forest or the Pacific Ocean and Roberts Creek beach.

Currently hosting fibre arts, writing, creative, therapeutic and healing events and workshops, the home is immaculately maintained and cared for.

It features:

  • Fully appointed, spacious kitchen area complete with spices, tea, coffee, urns, table settings, cooking utensils, water jugs and more!
  • Chef available to cater all meals: organic, healthy, fresh, delicious! made with love and very affordable
  • Separate large dining room with sliding doors to large, new wooden, secluded deck
  • Two living areas, lightly furnished to accommodate workshop space: one on main floor with fireplace alcove; one at garden level with environmental log fireplace and sliding doors to garden
  • 15 luxurious single beds, divided among 6 bedrooms; each bed with crisply ironed, white cotton linens and duvets 
  • 4 modern bathrooms: 2 with showers, 2 with tub and shower
  • Telephone and wireless internet access; excellent power source–we’ve accommodated 15 humming sewing machines with no problems!
  • Plenty of parking
  • Folding tables and chairs to support your crafts, arts and study; lighting can be adapted to suit both working light and therapeutic purposes.