Wild Woman Retreat June 8-12

Take some time out just for you with like-minded souls. Find what resonates deeply with you and not what you have to do because you somehow have found yourself fallen into a particular role. Uncover your passionate self. Share meaningful experiences. Feel alive and passionate in your relationships.

In this retreat you will:

  • Gain the confidence needed to lay the groundwork for your life and/or business.
  • Feel the support and connection necessary to move ahead no matter where you are in your life right now.
  • Practice self-care in a safe, loving environment
  • Learn new ways to step out of “the box”.
  • Get unstuck
  • Fulfill your wish for strong inspiration and energy.

Get back in sync with who you are and lean into it more and more. Find the you that fits your soul. You do not have to do this alone.

Let’s rock the house together and shift even further into a world full of unconditional love and understanding.

Join the Wild Woman Tribe!

We’ll sleep in cozy beds and cotton linen sheets and comfy duvets and experience mouthwatering home-made meals made just for us by our beautiful chef . . . ’cause we deserve it!

And . . .

We’ll open to the wisdom of the Wild Woman and our unique wild ways through the art of movement, creative activity, circle and ceremony.

We’ll bend and Stretch our edges through:

  • Self Spirituality Techniques
  • Awakening Meditations
  • Silent Door Visualizations
  • and . . .
  • Group Wild Woman Mystery Card Readings
  • Ceremony and Circle
  • Wild Woman Council

And Way More Magical Stuff that we just don’t have room to list. But this gives you an idea!!!

Arrive: 5pm Friday, June 8th, 2012
Departure: 3pm Sunday, June 10th, 2012
Location: Cascadia House, Sunshine Coast, BC

A free shuttle is available from the Langdale Ferry Terminal to anyone who wants it.

Registration and more info: http://www.wildwomanenchanted.com


The Wild Woman Shift in 10 Easy Steps

Learn to do the Wild Woman Shift in 10 easy steps!
3 day retreat with Elizabeth MacLeod – Creator of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards

October 28th -30th, 2011
Cascadia House, Roberts Creek, BC
on the Sunshine Coast

Don’t be seen as less than or not worthy. Learn how to show yourself, be who you are and do what you love.

  • Shed your masks
  • Honour your needs
  • Engage your inner resources

Elizabeth MacLeod shows how to pay attention to the details of who we are as women and honours the wild and untamed sense of self associated with the connection to the sacred feminine – the source of life, love, nurturing, caring and connection.

This retreat will focus on how to re-open access to the mystery of the wild and re-new our selves to re-discover, re-source, re-create and re-member who we really are as individuals, as a community, and as a world of women.

Register here. Join the magic.

Included for you:
Mouthwatering meals. Charming accommodations and . . .
You’ll also receive . . . A FREE set of Wild Woman Mystery Cards upon arrival!
For online registration click here
Call 1.604.885.3700
or email info@wildwomanenchanted.com
for more information


Wild Woman Journey, Oct 1-3

with Elizabeth MacLeod, creator of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards

October 1-3, 2010
Friday 7pm – Sunday 3pm
Cascadia House, Roberts Creek, BC

Step into the Mystery and be carried to places you never thought could ever exist.

Bend and stretch your edges through:

  • Self Spirituality Techniques
  • Awakening Meditations
  • Silent Door Visualizations

We will open to the wisdom of the Wild Woman and our unique wild ways through
the art of movement, creative activity, circle and ceremony.

Retreat fee: $450 (Early Bird fee: $399 before September 1st)

Retreat fee includes mouthwatering meals and charming accommodations at Cascadia House on BC’s spectacular Sunshine Coast.
To request your space call, 1-604-885-3700
or email info@wildwomanenchanted.com


Elizabeth MacLeod

Elizabeth MacLeod Elizabeth MacLeod

Elizabeth MacLeod, B.Mus, PDCPT, CPC is the founder of Wild Woman Enchanted Co Int’l Inc., a company filled with inspiration!  An Erickson Certified Professional Coach (CPC), trained Gestalt Psychotherapist, and Level ll Reiki Practitioner, Elizabeth is also a writer and self taught artist, and has done extensive study in Shamanism, Meditation, Chi Kung and the Healing Path with the Ontogony, (self realization) Institute of Mexico.

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Elizabeth received her Bachelor of Music in New Brunswick and completed her Post Degree Certified Professional Teaching Certification (PDCPT – B.ED equivalent) at UBC in Vancouver, where she taught Music, Drama, English and French for many years. Through her own personal awakening, she opened to her creative muse, and found herself on an amazing journey of exploration, expansion and creation. In 1999, Elizabeth created the first Wild Woman® Stones, hand-painting each one on smooth, ocean-tumbled rocks. From there, she developed the Wild Woman® Mystery Cards, a set of 53 beautifully illustrated cards and 123-page book, and ever evolving, has created many other wonder-full Wild Woman Enchanted Products, from journals, to bookmarks, to clothing, and much, much more!

Through Wild Woman Programs such as Wild Woman Inspire, Wild Woman – Living and Being, and Wild Woman – a Total Experience, along with Mystery Card readings and many Wild Woman products, Elizabeth helps women around the world uncover their real selves, real needs, real wants and real loves.

She currently lives on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada with her two four leggeds, Daisy and Reilly.
Visit www.wildwomanenchanted.com for more information on workshops, Wild Woman Enchanted Products, or to meet one-to-one with with Elizabeth for coaching, teaching or healing work.