Rosen Method Intro Workshop June 18-19, 2011

This upcoming workshop will be a very special opportunity. Rosen Method Bodywork is about the beauty and strength of our own being. In this workshop, you are invited to experience the Rosen method of transformative bodywork, with senior teachers Bill Samsel and Mariette Berinstein, at Cascadia Centre in Roberts Creek on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC.

Rosen Method Bodywork is unique in its use of sensitive, gentle touch and words to encourage physical and emotional awareness and relaxation. Discover new possibilities for regaining freedom of movement and more authentic self-expression.

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Rosen Weekend: Journey of Self-Discovery, Sept. 18-19


Mariette Berinstein

mariette-2007-bluebackMariette Berinstein is the founder and driving force of Cascadia Retreats and Cascadia House. A Certified Bodywork Teacher, Mariette trained with Marion Rosen (Founder) and Elaine Mayland.  She is a Certified Bodywork Teacher and Owner/Director of Rosen Method Cascadia Centre.  Mariette discovered Rosen Method in 1989 while on her own healing journey.  Rosen Method established in Mariette such a strong belief in her own wholeness and potential that she now carries this belief system forward to others in her practice and teaching. Honouring the sacredness of the circle and the group as a whole, Mariette creates an allowing, safe place for the individual to connect with their authentic, whole Self. Mariette brings a deep passion for Rosen Method to her teaching. With a strong belief in the sacredness of the circle, she provides an allowing, spacious place for the individual and the group as a whole.

Link here to view video of Mariette as she talks about her work.