Wild Woman Retreat June 8-12

Take some time out just for you with like-minded souls. Find what resonates deeply with you and not what you have to do because you somehow have found yourself fallen into a particular role. Uncover your passionate self. Share meaningful experiences. Feel alive and passionate in your relationships.

In this retreat you will:

  • Gain the confidence needed to lay the groundwork for your life and/or business.
  • Feel the support and connection necessary to move ahead no matter where you are in your life right now.
  • Practice self-care in a safe, loving environment
  • Learn new ways to step out of “the box”.
  • Get unstuck
  • Fulfill your wish for strong inspiration and energy.

Get back in sync with who you are and lean into it more and more. Find the you that fits your soul. You do not have to do this alone.

Let’s rock the house together and shift even further into a world full of unconditional love and understanding.

Join the Wild Woman Tribe!

We’ll sleep in cozy beds and cotton linen sheets and comfy duvets and experience mouthwatering home-made meals made just for us by our beautiful chef . . . ’cause we deserve it!

And . . .

We’ll open to the wisdom of the Wild Woman and our unique wild ways through the art of movement, creative activity, circle and ceremony.

We’ll bend and Stretch our edges through:

  • Self Spirituality Techniques
  • Awakening Meditations
  • Silent Door Visualizations
  • and . . .
  • Group Wild Woman Mystery Card Readings
  • Ceremony and Circle
  • Wild Woman Council

And Way More Magical Stuff that we just don’t have room to list. But this gives you an idea!!!

Arrive: 5pm Friday, June 8th, 2012
Departure: 3pm Sunday, June 10th, 2012
Location: Cascadia House, Sunshine Coast, BC

A free shuttle is available from the Langdale Ferry Terminal to anyone who wants it.

Registration and more info: http://www.wildwomanenchanted.com


Women’s Mindfulness and Intimacy Weekend (June 11-13)

Women’s Mindfulness and Intimacy Weekend

June 11th to 13th, 2010  with Nancy Mortifee

Together we will explore issues that many women share. We’ll work with new ways to uncover and express feelings, untangle ourselves from others and find our own feet again. We will share the challenges and joys of re-inventing ourselves, discovering new creative outlets and having nourishing fun with other women.

This residential retreat is open to adult women of all ages with varying interests and life experiences. The common thread will be our desire to know and express ourselves more fully and to receive from one another the way women through the ages have always done. We will:

  • Share our stories in a confidential circle
  • Dance and move our bodies
  • Explore a variety of creative mediums
  • Enjoy healthy delicious meals prepared by someone else
  • Dress up and dress down
  • Try something new or try something old in a new way
  • Explore and express our maiden, mother and wise woman selves

“As women, we are constantly transitioning from one stage to the next. As a woman in mid-life, I have an urge to share this experience with others who are hungry to discover new parts of themselves and shift patterns that no longer serve them. Some women are looking to take this deeper journey into self, while others need simply to enjoy some restorative time for themselves. My commitment is to hold the space for both to occur.” Nancy Mortifee

Nancy Mortifee

Nancy Mortifee (nee Fischer) has been teaching adults and children for almost 30 years. An avid student of mindfulness, she joined international best-selling author, John Kehoe, to co-author Mind Power for Children, A Guide for Parents and Teachers, now translated into 5 languages. As the founding Executive Director of Goldie Hawn’s Bright Light Foundation, Nancy authored a school-based Mindfulness Education Program used by thousands of teachers and parents around North America. She has presented extensively, including at Omega Institute in NY, Hollyhock Retreat Centre in BC and Harvard University. Nancy’s passion for intercultural music led her to create the Westcoast Sacred Arts Society where she produced Canada’s Sacred World Music Festival for 5 years and the University of British Columbia’s Tribute to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. She is the vice-chair of the Seva Canada Society.

For this retreat, Nancy is delighted to be joined by longtime friend and publishing partner, Carol Sill. Carol has been involved in meditation and practice for over 30 years. After founding and encouraging the development of Sufi centers in Western Canada, teaching meditation in the open tradition of Inayat Khan, she now brings this consciousness and awareness to publications, community development and daily life. Carol will lead us in the beautiful and restorative Yoga Nidra practice.

Weekend Schedule

Please plan to arrive by 6:30 pm to settle in your room before dinner at 7 pm.The retreat concludes after lunch at 2:30 pm on Sunday.

Cascadia Centre, located in beautiful Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast

Weekend Fees
Includes accommodation, all meals, snacks, and of course, chocolate.
(*Some financial assistance available; to inquire, contact Nancy..)

Register directly with Mortifee Training
Email Nancy at: nancy@mortifeetraining.com
Call Nancy at: 604-266-6785

What to bring:
A list will be sent to all participants in advance.

Click here to find out more about Mindfulness & Intimacy


Activate the Healing Potential of the Psyche

Creative Rejuvenation for Professional Caregivers

with Mary Anne Pare, M.Ed, RCC, RPT-S, and Jenny Nash, MPCP

Fri. 6 PM Mar. 26 – Sun. 1.30 PM Mar. 28, 2010
Cascadia House on Kraus Rd, Roberts Creek, Sunshine Coast, B.C.

A week-end in a supportive environment with the goal of enhancing our personal and professional selves by nurturing our imaginations and creative expression.Workshop

The focus will be on access to and rejuvenation of our own playfulness.
Structured activities include:

  • story telling
  • crafts
  • singing
  • movement
  • socio-dramatic play
  • game playing

There will also be free time for other nurturing activities, such as writing and painting, walking in nature, socializing, meditation, yoga, etc.

This workshop/retreat offers the opportunity to develop therapeutic skills by both exploring one’s own creativity and witnessing each others’ creative process.

The potential for change and growth resides within the Self of the client and the Self of the therapist/caregiver.

Change comes with shifts in thoughts, feelings and actions. It can also be accessed through the imagination, which activates the healing potential of the psyche.


Jenny Nash and Mary Anne Pare

Jenny Nash and Mary Anne Pare

Jenny Nash is an experienced child and family therapist and a workshop facilitator. In both settings she brings her love of creative art, play, writing and drama.

Mary Anne Pare has worked with children and families in numerous mental health and therapeutic settings for thirty years. Her special interest and area of expertise is working with families, using an integration of play therapy and family therapy.

Location: Cascadia Retreat Centre, Roberts Creek, Sunshine Coast.
Cost: $350.00 – includes delicious meals from a wonderful caterer and comfortable beds, shared rooms for 2 or 3 women.
This retreat will be for a maximum of fifteen women.
Registration Deadline: February 15, 2010
Please register by email to Mary Anne Pare: maryannepare@shaw.ca
Enquiries welcome: Phone Jenny Nash: 604-759-3567


Tracey Knihnitski

Tracey KnihnitskiTracey Knihnitski, MEd, PID, CCDP is a local and international educator. With an extensive background in facilitation, curriculum development, marketing, and client services, Tracey offers a unique approach to managing change. Tracey applies a person centered approach that focuses on mattering. As a support and resource she coaches clients to empower, direct and motivate themselves. By actively listening, and encouraging clients to share their experiences, Tracey easily creates rapport for dialogue and candid discussions. Tracey’s mission in life is to provide entertainment and fun throughout the learning process. She knows that laughter really is the best medicine even when it feels like there’s nothing to laugh about. Tracey’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious and her zest for living life to the fullest creates interaction and communication for meaningful relationships.


Intentional Collage

Intentional Collage – The Vision Crest

What is the magic within you? What excites you?  What do you want to happen in your life?  What are your passions, dreams, hopes and aspirations?

Come and explore these questions using a wide variety of images and natural materials with Barbara Karmazyn as your creativity guide.  Your Vision Crest collage will be a reminder of who you are and what you want to be. Materials are supplied.

Offered at the November Getaway Weekend