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What follows is the original invitation which went out to the key participants in the first two Circle of Women events. Originally written by Mariette, and titled, The Visions of Three, it has been added to and edited slightly, but stays true to its original intention. We used the meaning behind these words as guidelines during the event itself.

By special invitation, you are invited to participate in the gathering of a Circle of Women
at the Cascadia Centre  – Roberts Creek BC

In the beginning;

One woman had a vision to create a residential centre for her work and for others. The location had to be central to bus service, a little heartfelt community, and most of all, it had to be within walking distance of both the Pacific Ocean and of the old growth forest.
“It is done”

A second woman arrived. She had the same vision, in the same community. WOW!! Together they explored many possibilities for this new facility. Amazing. They shared their ideas with colleagues, friends and others.  It blossomed and seemed to take on a life of its own.

Third woman became engaged, seeing the incredible potential.

A fourth wanted to help…

They shared their visions with one another. They began to see that the residential centre was more than just a facility – it already had a pulse, a “heartbeat” to serve. It was the manifest place where women could support themselves and each other; where they could share their passions, their visions, their gifts; a place to support other women in stepping up and stepping out to serve the great good.

Realizing that it is time for us all to collect and to come together, NOW, then is our time to gather the Circle of Women. We have much light to give and shine on this mother earth in exploration of new ways to support, to service, and to grow ourselves and the collective potential. The Circle continues to widen. We come together as we can, with the vision to move gracefully forward together. May this always be part of our journey as women, drawing together in collaboration toward the healing and manifestation of our potential, individually and as whole. As One.

We are gathering A Circle of Women, please join us
Mariette Berinstein – Barbara Karmazyn -  Carol Sill

This invitation is to you, a woman who has inspired us. We are inviting women who have inspired us and others; women who are leaders, teachers, artists; women who have passion, wisdom and creativity.

Our goal is to create a space for each woman to share something of herself, her gifts, her passion, and to co-create something that has never been done, that is calling all of us.

Our vision is, as a possibility, to create a place where each person knows she belongs; a place of community, a place supported by a group of women in service of women, amplifying their work with each other and out into the world.

This is not a workshop, it is an invitational event for a very unique group of women.

Our vision is to yet to be revealed in the joining, the experience, and our co-creation as a group.

The response to this invitation still reverberates. As this Circle of Women now turns out toward the world, at another time we may once again call another Circle of Women.
invitation 1
If this event interests you, or is consistent with work you are also doing in your own field, let us know. Add a comment in the reply form below.


Upcoming Workshop: Circle of Women

In an upcoming workshop, a circle of women will convene to help define the direction and potential for Cascadia Retreats. By invitation only.

Meeting at our Roberts Creek centre, the group will create and explore new ways to offer positive and empowering gatherings.