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Rosen Method Bodywork is about opening the heart and freeing the soul.

“This work is about transformation – from the person we think we are to the person we really are.” Marion Rosen (Founder)

ROSENMETHOD_LOGO_2Rosen Method Bodywork is unique in its use of sensitive, non-manipulative touch and words to encourage physical and emotional awareness. In moments of deep relaxation, long-held feelings and memories may surface and be spoken. We can become aware of choices we made early in life around which we have shaped our lives. With this awareness, we may discover new possibilities for regaining freedom of movement and more authentic self-expression.

Rosen Method is an effective complement to psychotherapy, medical treatment, and alternative treatment modalities. It is simple and direct. Rosen Method can be a powerful tool for reestablishing our mind, body and spirit connections.


Workshops provide an opportunity for self-discovery, by giving participants opportunity to explore this work through demonstrations, movement, hands-on experience, discussion and personal sharing. The support of the group enriches and deepens the process.

Mariette Berinstein, Director of Rosen Method Cascadia Centre is a Certified Bodywork Senior Teacher and Practitioner.  She has trained and worked with a number of teachers, including Marion Rosen (founder) and Elaine Mayland, author of “Rosen Method: An Approach to Wholeness and Wellbeing Through the Body”.  Mariette discovered Rosen Method in 1989 while on her own healing journey.   In honouring the sacredness of this work, she creates an allowing, safe place for the individual to connect with their authentic, whole Self. As an artist, Mariette brings creativity and passion to her teaching and her practice.

For more on upcoming Rosen Method workshops and intensives go to Rosen Method Canada


Winter and Spring Retreats for Women with Nancy Mortifee – 2014

The Journey Inwards 

Winter: January 24th-26th, 2014 / Spring: May 2nd-4th,2014

Nancy MortifeeNancy Mortifee invites you to two full and enriching residential Weekend Retreats on B.C.’s beautiful Sunshine Coast in 2014. We gather at 7pm Friday evening and finish in the mid afternoon on Sunday.



REGISTER NOW – Call Mortifee Training 604-266-6785 or email



Winter:  ”Looking Inwards ~ Focusing on the Personal.. and setting intentions for the year ahead”  

January 24th-26th, 2014

What you can get out of this retreat:

• Support to set intentions that truly reflect your deepest desires for your life
• Effective language to establish clear and clean boundaries around your time with others vs time alone
• Tools to cultivate more intimacy with your spouse, children, parents and dear friends
• Learn how to use your voice in new and enlivening ways
• Participate in sacred rituals, deep sharing and storytelling
• Enjoy nourishing and delicious meals made with love
• Have fun exploring new ways to access your creativity through movement, art and nature

Spring: “The Emerging Self ~ Renewal and holding the tension between “light” and “dark”

May 2nd-4th,2014

What you can get out of this retreat:

• Discover more complete views of oneself; the visible and unseen; the “golden” self and the “shadow”
• Build a healthier relationship to judgement; discernment vs toxic shame
• Tools to cultivate more intimacy with your spouse, children, parents and dear friends
• Learn how to use your voice in new and enlivening ways
• Participate in sacred rituals, deep sharing and storytelling
• Enjoy nourishing and delicious meals made with love
• Have fun exploring new ways to access your creativity through movement, art and nature

Treat yourself to these perfect weekend get-aways that bring together deep personal work with laughter, creativity and creature comforts of cosy beds and delicious meals prepared with love.

Retreat Cost for either Winter or Spring: $325 * (includes all meals, art materials and accommodation)

OR Included in tuition for

Circling the Sun ~ A Four Season Journey Inwards for Women


“Returning home from a retreat experience can be a very moving time. Some women tell me that they feel a renewed confidence and aliveness; ready to take on difficult pieces with gusto. They’re “on fire” with a strong resolve to change how they relate to themselves, their family or co-workers. Others feel both excited and also fearful and unsure about whether they can actually follow through with the new intentions they have set for themselves. Personally, I have had both experiences and so has every other person I have known on this journey. When the realities of life confront us, our intention to stay present and “in” ourselves is tested at every turn and it really helps to have on-going support and reassurance.

My own journey into mindfulness and intimacy was significantly deepened when I  committed to my first year long program with a small group of fellow travellers. Journeying together with others gave me comrades, as well as my teacher, to lean on, feel supported by, and be accountable to.

Over and over again, I hear from women in my groups that they are hungry for a similar continuity of support that will assist them to sustain their practice and personal growth. When I turned 60 this year, I realized that my urge to work with others in this way has deepened. Responding to this request and urge, I decided to offer a year long program. Thus, Circling the Sun… a Four Season Journey Inwards for Women came to be.  I invite you to join me starting January 2014.” - Nancy Mortifee

What you can expect…

“My offer is to gently and persistently invite you to stretch and challenge yourself to follow your own inner urge to move and grow. Together with your Circling the Sun “sisters” you will be supported to move through the fear and self judgment that keeps all of us stuck. I will share what I have learned from the wonderful teachers who have helped me and what I have seen to be helpful with the people I have served myself. And, of course, we will continue to have fun, eat very well, move our bodies and share the joys and sorrows of life, as women have throughout the ages.”

Here’s what the program includes: 

• Four Seasonal Weekend Residential Retreats of 3-4 days –  all accommodations, delicious healthy meals, and art materials*. Each retreat will have a different thematic focus, specific grounding and mindfulness practices, rituals, creative art and voice work. Participants will choose their own on-going creative project as an “out of the head” vehicle for personal exploration.

 20+ hours of Group Phone Sessions

 Continuous email support and special project feedback whenever needed.

• Personal Journal and written course material

• A Celebratory Afternoon to Close the Circle in December 

 FOR MORE INFO and REGISTRATION on the Circling the Sun Four Season Journey

Link here for Past Mindfulness and Intimacy workshops at Cascadia with Nancy


Weekend Workshop – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, April 18,19,20, 2013


We are pleased to announce another MBSR Workshop at Cascadia Centre, with Dr. Eddie Berinstein, April 18, 19, 20, 2013


The Journey Inwards ~ Mindfulness and Intimacy for Women (May 9-11, 2013)

Women’s Mindfulness and Intimacy

with Nancy Mortifee

I am excited to invite you to join me May 9-11,2013 for a “Mindfulness and Intimacy for Women Retreat” at Cascadia Retreat Centre in Robert’s Creek.

In a sacred circle of women, explore tools for cultivating deeper intimacy in your relationships, beginning with yourself. Through body based meditation, artistic and emotional expression, connect with your deeper knowing, awaken to unconscious patterning, and learn to let go of behaviours that no longer serve you.

Together we will explore the issues that many women share:

• Learning to uncover and express feelings in the safety of a confidential and sacred circle.
• Sharing the challenges and joys of re-inventing ourselves in relationships, families and worklife.
• Deepening our spiritual life though meditation, stretching, music and movement.
• Discovering new avenues for creative expression using a variety of materials such as clay, collage, masks and textiles. (All of our work is experiential and every activity and process is voluntary.)
• Relaxing into beautiful natural surroundings and enjoying delicious healthy meals.

Once again I will be joined by workshop co-host Carol Sill. Creative and expressive practices will beautifully complement our personal “open seat” sessions. It’s a time to go deeply into ourselves, share with others and move more inwardly mindful through the busyness of this new year.

THE JOURNEY INWARDS – Mindfulness and Intimacy for Women
Thursday, May 9- Saturday, May 11, 2013

Residential Weekend at Cascadia Retreat Centre in Robert’s Creek, Sunshine Coast.

We will retreat from  Thursday evening, all day Friday, ending on Saturday at 2:30pm.

Retreat Cost: $200 * (includes all meals, materials and accommodation)

Registration and info HERE – Workshops fill up quickly, please contact us soon if you wish to attend.

* In keeping with Nancy’s desire to make her work as accessible as possible, she is only asking that the costs associated with the workshop be covered. She will not be taking a fee. Payment can be made in a variety of ways, so please contact her directly.

For info on past Mindfulness and Intimacy Retreats at Cascadia:


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