About Us


Welcome to Cascadia House, a place for your creativity retreats, workshops and getaways.

We provide your home away from home, a sanctuary to nurture your creative spirit, in a comfy old house, in a rural community, in the company of like minded people.

Our goal is to offer a home away from home for your gatherings. We believe in fostering community by creating opportunities for people to come together. The atmosphere of our environment is warm and nurturing, feeds body mind and soul, and is restorative, fun and nurturing.

You are our guests and we welcome you. We want you to feel completely at ease here, and we hope that you will want to come back, (and bring your friends.) We are always open to suggestions for what you would like us to provide for you.


Mariette Berenstein

Mariette Berinstein, Managing Director and Founder.

The chef for the Cascadia Centre is Jonnita Janot