Rosen Method Bodywork Intensive

Registered Training Program and Personal Self-Discovery Workshop

May 14th – 21th , 2011
Cascadia Centre – Roberts Creek BC

ROSEN METHOD is conscious touch. A gentle, respectful, hands-on form of bodywork. Working with chronically tight muscles, Rosen Method Bodywork encourages physical and emotional awareness. In moments of deep relaxation, long held feelings and memories may surface and be spoken. Clients often become aware of choices they made early in life around which they have shaped their lives. When this awareness happens, they discover new possibilities for regaining freedom of movement and more authentic self-expression.

Karen Roeper – Senior Teacher & Founder of Essential Motion
Karen is the Founder of Essential Motion, a somatic-based coaching process. She maintains a private practice in California and she holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and Dance Therapy. Karen leads workshops in the U.S. and Europe in addition to doing training, counseling and coaching. A student of Vipassana meditation, Karen’s primary focus is to empower people to inhabit their bodies with more grace, vitality and power.

Mariette Berinstein – Senior Teacher & Director of Rosen Method Cascadia Centre
Mariette came to Rosen Method in 1989 as a part of her personal journey, and discovered her passion for life and this work which has led her on an incredible journey. Mariette first trained with Elaine Mayland and Marion Rosen. She brings to her practice and teaching a deep respect for believing in the individual. Also, a strong belief in the sacredness of a circle and the group as a whole; she creates an allowing, safe place for the individual to reconnect with themselves. She has a private practice in Roberts Creek and West Vancouver BC.

These Intensives are for professional training, and for personal self-discovery. They give participants an opportunity to explore this work through demonstrations, movement, hands-on experience, witnessing, discussion and personal sharing in a retreat-like setting. The support of the group enriches and deepens the process.

Tuition: $960(Cdn) due April 14, payable to “Rosen Method Cascadia Centre”
Lodging & Meals: $598.40(Cdn) includes HST payable to “RM Studio”
Pay by: April 14 (includes non-refundable deposit of $250) After – April 14 – pay $673.40
For information call Deanne or Mariette at the Rosen Method Cascadia Centre
Toll-free Canada/US 1-877-885-0179 or 604-885-0179
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