News from the Circle of Women

The annual Circle of Women event at Cascadia was a gas! And it revealed so many dynamic and fascinating facets of the lives and work of the women involved.  Here are a few highlights from some of those who were there, and some who couldn’t make it this time.  We missed Barbara Karmazyn, one of the founders who wasn’t able to attend this time around.

Mariette Berinstein has been incredibly active in the Rosen community worldwide, and is offering many workshops and events at all levels, from introductory to teacher training. You can find out more on her site at Rosen Method Canada. The house at Cascadia continues to be booked for events and workshops, and now offers very affordable group getaways.

Carol Sill says: “I’ve been working on websites and publishing projects, with more books in the works. Since last year completing work with Eskova Enterprises for In Love with the Mystery by Ann Mortifee with music by Paul Horn and friends. Also assisting Nancy Mortifee in her Women’s Mindfulness and Intimacy retreats when they happen at Cascadia. The next one upcoming will be April 29-May 1. It is so great to engage in the Circle of Women and renew our connection!”

Judyth Shanley said: “Sacred and magical, a weekend of intimacy, laughter, play and harmonious sharing in a way that is new every time. Our latest weekend, our Circle of Women Retreat, was so special. The mix of old friends and new created a unique field of presence and nurturing, and an opportunity to organically weave our experiences through shared activities and stories. I delighted in being held by the house, sumptuously fed by Jonita and ultimately rejuvenated through loving sisterhood. Thank you Circle of women.”

Deanne Mineau said: “I have just returned from a wonderful full-body massage and I’m eating a delicious salad for lunch.  I’ve been bringing more daily personal routines into my life, since I have fewer outside obligations at the moment.  So, I’m riding my exercise bike, writing at home and with my amazing group of fellow writing travellers, doing Rosen Movement classes twice a week, checking on our returning eagles in their nest close to the house, pruning the raspberries.  I’ve begun holding drumming circles in my living room on Fridays, and am learning to let go of performance anxieties as we progress into the unknown energies of our group. Geordie and I have been planning some for our August wedding.  I am still working with Mariette at Cascadia, on a project by project basis, a few hours a week.
I’m watching an eagle out my window, in full glide circle on the updraft, in the noon sun, his white head and tail feathers as brilliant as the fresh snow on the mountains across the Straight.
I am learning that it is essential for me to spend more time Being, not Doing.”

Elizabeth MacLeod: so busy with and the new line of essential oils and a new fragrance line!

Remarking on the event, Carol Sill said:  “Wild Woman Enchanted gave a beautiful demonstration of how the Wild Woman Mystery Card reading is enhanced with the corresponding essential oils. Insightful and intuitive understanding of the meaning of the cards is then expanded through the power of scent and colour to create a lasting impact and resonance to help you remember what the cards revealed.”

isabella mori said: “what’s new – mental health camp is being planned and i’m terribly excited about the topic of diversity.  novel writing is going well; i’ve passed the 110,000 word mark on monday!  it will probably take until close to the end of the year until i get this appr. 200,000 monster done.”

New member Teri Arcand said, “So looking back today, how do I see the  awesome weekend experience with our  ‘Circle of Women’?      Well, simply, it was a ‘real’ weekend spent with ‘real’ women sharing ‘real’ lives, hopes and dreams. It is the uniqueness of each one and the generosity of all that is gift wrapped in the tiny sparkles of love shared.   ….it is this that brightens the inside corners of our lives.”

Tracey Knihnitski couldn’t make it but sent this message: “I too am so sorry I missed this soulful weekend! Sure could use some women’s collective creative energies!  Three jobs occupying my energy these days! Grateful for the opportunities – hopeful for “me” time!  SOON! Thank you for holding the circle – hoping to see you soon!”

Teresa Bockhold: You are wonderful!  Keeping all the good stuff going at my end… so much so that I am missing you all at these events.  Thanks for holding the circle on my behalf  again and again!

Elke Babicke has been nominated for the Woman Of Worth 2011:  Leader of the Year award! the event will be held on May 7th.

Baljit Siekham has had an amazing year, and her business, Alchemy Organizing, is still going strong.

Marielle Geoffroy is still bringing French language and culture to her college students.

Watch for more updates in the year to come.