Feedback from the November Getaway Weekend

“Cascadia is a wonderful warm cozy retreat, tastefully lovingly furnished, gorgeous comfortable twin beds with lovely sheets and duvets, fluffy towels all provided. The meals prepared by Jonnita, an amazing chef, are not only delicious, but artistically presented too and leave one longing for a cook book to enable one to experience these tastes again.

The guided walk led by Carol in Cliff Gilfry  Park was magical with waterfalls, varied mushrooms, large trees and well marked trails.  The beach is another optional walk and on the way are interesting shops. I loved sharing stories and fun with those women I met for my first time and of course having fun with my old friends. Collaging, dancing, experience Reiki, walking in the park, playing Balderdash and Upwords just leaves me extremely happy and smiling inside.

This is a perfect getaway to go with friends or alone.”

Jenny Nash

“Take a group of amazingly keen women with right intention…add pinches of connecting, sharing, laughter, song, movement, creativity, nature, leadership, nurturing…mix to satisfaction with right action…feed in doses of Jonnita’s fabulous food…stir with right love…then slow bake for two days in the magical womb of Cascadia Centre…and voila, a magical transformation into a larger group of friends, new insights, new skills, new perceptions, and lives forever changed.

Thank you to each and every one of you for a wonderfully fun, inspired and inclusive weekend.”


“I would like to convey how I feel about this weekend. I was at ease with every woman there.  I feel so blessed, filled, affirmed, and enriched.  The good energy, the deep connection, the laughing, sharing and respectful creating of our own mystery found a safe haven at Cascadia.  My belly is full of good food and good humour.

Thank you all for spending the weekend with me.  I would love to see you all again, and feel pretty sure this will come.  It’s too good to not do it again.”



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