Marielle Geoffroy

Marielle Geoffroy
Marielle Geoffroy

Marielle Geoffroy is a visual artist and French teacher. She has been a teacher all her life, and she finds much happiness in facilitating people’s expression and inner connection through art, language and art therapy programs.

Marielle studied and trained in Fine Arts (B.F.A.), Art Therapy (M.A.) and French Immersion Teaching (B.Ed.) in Montreal and Vancouver. She also has more than 25 years of experience in meditation. Her personal practice now is the integration of body and mind through presence, and attention to earth and nature in us.

“In my work as a teacher or therapist, I love to assist people in their creative growth and to help them nurture their deep natural self.”

“My current explorations as an artist are focused on the links between verbal and non-verbal expression. I am presently drawing, painting and writing, and have become very intrigued by how the images emerging in each of these media inform each other in my work.” – Marielle Geoffroy


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