Carol Stewart

Carol Stewart
Carol Stewart

After serving for over 20 years as a special educator for children with learning and psychological difficulties (with a brief detour into the world of a realtor), Carol moved to the Sunshine Coast. Here in this open and nourishing environment, she was able to explore other work options: teaching in adult employment programs, as the first coordinator of the Sunshine Coast Women’s Centre, coordinating a Learning Centre at Capilano College, designing and facilitating employment and personal growth programs, employment counseling.

The Sunshine Coast offers endless opportunities for volunteering; Carol’s organizing skills are exercised at the Gibsons Jazz Festival, the New Moon Festival, the Writers Festival, the Howe Sound Area Planning Commission and on a variety of committees and boards.

In 2000, Carol achieved her Master of Arts in Whole Systems Design at Antioch University. This body of study forms a background for her community development activities and informs her passion for Joanna Macy’s “Work That Connects”. This work demonstrates our interconnectedness in the web of life and our authority to take action on its behalf, moving the participants from a feeling of impotence and despair to finding the powers that are essential to the healing of our world. . Carol will be developing workshops to introduce Cascadia House to this way of participating in The Great Turning, the shift from the industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization.

Carol is providing administrative support for Cascadia Retreats and can be reached at



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