Rosen Method Bodywork Intensive with Ivy Green Dec. 3-7, 2016

DECEMBER 3-7, 2016 SPECIAL 5-DAY WINTER Rosen Method Bodywork Intensive with Ivy Green for ADVANCED STUDENTS & PRACTITIONERS Join with IVY GREEN and MARIETTE BERINSTEIN in an extraordinary 5-day exploration. This is a rare opportunity mainly for advanced students and practitioners of Rosen Method Bodywork to explore Ivy’s approach to Rosen Method as she has presented it in her book, RELAXATION, AWARENESS,… Read more →

MBSR with Dr. Eddie Berinstein nov4-6-2016

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction – Nov. 4-6, 2016

Weekend Workshop in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – MBSR with Dr. Eddie Berinstein – November 4-6, 2016 MBSR was started by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the late 1970’s and has since benefited thousands of people worldwide. The cultivation of Mindfulness through Meditation Practice allows us to be more present for our moments as they unfold and to embrace the “full catastrophe” of our… Read more →


Rosen Method Movement Intensive Nov. 16-20, 2016

Come Restore and Renew Your Body Rosen Method Movement 5 Day Exploration Come Join Us! November 16th – 20th, 2015 at the Cascadia Centre,1249 Roberts Creek Rd, Roberts Creek BC Rosen Method Movement re-awakens your capacity to move with ease and to inhabit yourself with awareness and with self-compassion. During a Rosen Method Movement class, you will discover patterns of tension and… Read more →


Rosen Method Bodywork Intensive – Oct 15-22, 2016

Our Rosen Method Bodywork Intensive will be held on Oct.15-22, 2016 at Cascadia Centre in Roberts Creek BC on the Sunshine Coast. Registered Training Program and Personal Self-Discovery Workshop, will be taught by Certified Senior Rosen Method Teachers, Bill Samsel and Mariette Berinstein. Space is limited, so please register early. using our Registration LINK  Mariette Berinstein – Certified Senior Rosen Method Teacher Mariette Berinstein Mariette… Read more →


Self-Awareness and Presence – Sept. 16-18, 2016

Weekend Workshop – Sept. 16-18, 2016 Cascadia Centre 1249 Roberts Creek Road Roberts Creek BC Friday 7:00pm-9:00pm, Saturday 9:30am-4:30pm, Sunday 9:00am-1:00pm Self-Awareness & Presence Through Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement DISCOVER YOUR VITALITY, INNER STRENGTH AND RESILIENCE BY CULTIVATING A MORE EMBODIED AWARENESS. • Learn how “meeting” tension through Rosen Method touch can invite relaxation and can be an effective way to access our vitality… Read more →